Lent Gift

Turkey Earthquake Relief

Special Offering During the Season of Lent

We inherited a tradition from our diocese of collecting a special gift for a global need in the season leading up to Holy Week. We used to call this the Good Friday Gift (which is how it's known in many of our our sister churches), though in our context the name caused some confusion. This year our leaders decided to rename the gift to connect it to our observance of Lent together.  

Almsgiving is a key lenten practice (along with prayer, fasting and repentance). We're committed to having a specific global need each year, that we're all coming together to support as a church, through our giving and our prayers throughout the whole season of Lent. Hence the new name - Lent Gift.
Previous Good Friday/Lent Gifts:

2022: Aid for Ukraine ($19,270)
2021: New Roof for SS Morris AME Church ($5,920)
2020: Orphan Care in Nigeria (with Church of the Resurrection)

2023 Lent Gift: 
Partnering with churches in turkey to deliver aid

On February 6, a powerful earthquake hit an area near the border between Turkey and Syria, causing major devastation in this region still struggling with the effects of the ongoing Syrian civil war and refugee crisis. Two weeks later, on February 20, another serious earthquake caused further damage. Tens of thousands of lives have been lost, many are still missing in the rubble, and hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced.

Immediately, we started hearing stories of Christians from across Turkey going where the need was greatest, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and care for their neighbors.
This year's Lent Gift recipient is an organization that's been engaged in Turkey for over 25 years, and specifically focuses on connecting the Global Church with ministries in Turkey. They equip and raise up leaders, mobilize prayer movements, and focus on several strategic priorities, including church planting. We're excited to partner with them, and support their witness in southern Turkey.

Due to the sensitive nature of Christian work in Turkey, we're not posting direct links or content from the organization on the web, but we'd be happy to share more with you privately. Feel free to reach out to Kaitlyn to request more information.


Donate by April 10

option One: GIve online

option Two: give at church

Put a cash gift in an envelope, writing "Lent Gift" on the outside. (Please include your name if you'd like to receive a tax receipt.)

Make out a check to Christ Church Madison, with "Lent Gift" in the memo line.

Drop it in the offertory basket during the service.

option Three: mail a check

Make out a check to Christ Church Madison, with "Lent Gift" in the memo line.

Mail it to our office at:
5944 Seminole Centre Ct, Suite 110
Fitchburg, WI 53711