Every baptized Christian is a member of the Body of Christ, and the local church is the physical expression of that invisible reality. In a time where we all feel more dis-membered than ever, the Gospel re-members us in a mystical and embodied way, both to Christ and to one another.

All that to say, we think becoming an active member of a local congregation is a precious and sacred thing, and we would love for you to join us. We receive new members a few times per year, and you can learn more about the process below.

Membership Process

Step 1: Listen to the sermons

In the Fall 2021, Fr. Scott preached on the biblical and theological basis for membership in a series called "Body Life". We ask prospective members to begin by listening to the series, found here.

Step 2: Attend a membership retreat

On our retreat we discuss the beliefs and practices to which we commit as members, with room for dialogue. They are typically a full Saturday, including lunch, and we run one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

Step 3: Commit to membership

Our Membership Covenant is based on Acts 2:42-47, and includes space to share your testimony and sign up to get involved in the life of the church. Access the Membership Covenant below.

Step 4: become a member

New members are received and get to sign the Parish Book during the service on Membership Sunday. These are usually on feast days, like Ascension or All Saints.