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We're thrilled to introduce our App - a convenient and consolidated tool for connecting with all things Christ Church.
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We hope the App will serve you in many different ways. Here are some of the tabs and tools we'd like to highlight:



The first thing you'll notice about the App is that it's looks like us - everything from the pictures, to the fonts and colors should feel very familiar and home-y. If you explore the different sections, you'll find helpful links and resources.



We're super excited about this! The App has a messaging feature that will replace Slack for us. You can connect with people around activities, community groups, teams, and small groups, or send direct messages to individual people in the church. 



You can find all our sermons organized by series, and listen to them within the App. They will keep playing, even if you turn your screen off, and if you close the App, it will remember where you left off.



Our official Christ Church calendar lists all upcoming events, with a convenient "add to calendar" button, so you can save all the details to your personal calendar with one click. 



Several different Bible translations are available, including some you can listen to! Click the "Plan" button to access the lectionary - the church's Bible reading plan - with all the readings pulled together for you.



If you've already given to Christ Church online, this will look familiar - our App is through the same company we use for online giving. When you start setting up a gift in the App, it will send you to a secure website to complete the transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to use the App? 
Some features of the App will not work unless you are logged in, including Group Messaging, and Giving. If you have given online to Christ Church before, you probably already have an account, so use the same login info. (Here's a helpful article about logging in or signing up for a Subsplash account. )
Other features of the App don't require logging in - the Lectionary, our sermon recordings, the calendar, and all links to content from the home page will work just fine without an account.

I'd like to create a messaging group for people who are interested in [ultimate frisbee, poetry, outdoor concerts, etc.]. How do I do that in the App?
You can request a new group by reaching out to Kaitlyn.

Is there a desktop version of the App?
Most of the content of the App can be found on our website:The one thing that's only available on the App is the Lectionary section, which compiles all the daily readings for you in one place to read or listen to. However, there are a lot of other ways you can access the Lectionary, which you can find on our Liturgical Life page