Lent artwork by Lindsey Bergsma, layout by Alan Miller.

The Season of Lent

This Lent we will be studying the words and deeds of Christ primarily in the Gospel of John. Our focus will be on how Jesus understood his own mission and the ministry of his death and resurrection,  and how he is inviting us share in its power and beauty. He is the serpent who was lifted up for healing, the deep well from which we draw living water, the voice that wakens the dead, and the perfume that fills the entire house with its perfume.

2/26 - Lent 1 - The Temptation of Christ (Mt. 4)
3/5 - Lent 2 - The Lifted Serpent (Jn 3)
3/12 - Lent 3 - The Deep Well (Jn 4)
3/19 - Lent 4 - The Voice Over the Dead (Jn 5)
3/26 - Lent 5 - The Fragrance of Perfume (Jn 12)

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