Holy Week

April 14-21

This week, time slows down and we walk with Jesus in real time as he enters Jerusalem, shares the Last Supper with his disciples, experiences betrayal, shame and death on the cross, and finally rises from the dead. This is the highlight of the Christian calendar and our life as a community. You don’t want to miss it!

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Palm Sunday (4/14, 10am)

Where: Edgewood High School

We’ll kick things off with a joyful outdoor procession celebrating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Then the tone will shift, and we’ll experience a dramatic reading of Jesus’ Passion, in which we hear how the crowds turned on Jesus and demanded his death, so soon after rejoicing at his arrival in the city.

Our kids will participate in the procession and worship together in our Treehouse ministry.

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Maundy Thursday (4/18, 6:30PM)

Where: Bread of Life Anglican Church. (Bread of Life is a sister congregation in Madison who has graciously invited us to join them, and we are thrilled.)

On this night Jesus washed his disciples feet, and shared his Body and Blood with them for the first time, which we remember in the Eucharist. On this night he was also betrayed by one of his closest friends, and then tried by the religious leaders.

Childcare will be available.

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Good Friday
(4/19, 7pm)

Where: Edgewood High School

On the Friday of Holy Week we remember Jesus’ trial, humiliation, and death. We acknowledge our sinfulness and our need for salvation. We recognize the depth of God’s love for us, and terrible price he paid on the cross to save us.

Childcare will be available.

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easter vigil
(4/20, 1pm and 5pm)

Where: Church of the Resurrection

Our sending church in Wheaton, IL (Church of the Resurrection) celebrates the Saturday of Holy Week with a stunning festival of art, music, dance and theater, following the practice of the ancient church of keeping vigil on the night before Christ’s resurrection. 

Join us as we take a day trip together to visit our mother church, and experience the story of God’s saving deeds in history.

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Easter Sunday
(4/21, 10am)

Where: Edgewood High School

Rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Our Lord! This day we celebrate his triumph over death and the grave, and we feast together.

After a joyful service at Edgewood High School, we’ll hang out and have a pancake brunch.

Children will worship together in our Treehouse ministry.