Lenten Gift

supporting refugees & immigrants

Special Offering During the Season of Lent

Every year our church has a generosity focus in the season of Lent to give to a place of particular need. Sometimes we have focused on global needs (Ukraine, the earthquake in Turkey, orphanages in Nigeria), and sometimes we have focused on needs closer to home (raising money for a new roof for a local church).
Previous Gifts:

2023: Earthquake Relief in Turkey ($11,100)
2022: Aid for Ukraine ($19,270)
2021: New Roof for SS Morris AME Church ($5,920)
2020: Orphan Care in Nigeria (with Church of the Resurrection)

2024 Lenten Gift: 
Supporting Refugees & Immigrants in Madison

This year, we are partnering with Lighthouse Church in supporting displaced people in Madison. Our friends at Lighthouse have long had an amazing ministry among the Latino community, and over the past few years their church has ministered to a growing number of refugees and immigrants, particularly those fleeing Venezuela and Nicaragua. These people often arrive in Madison with nothing, having endured a traumatic, harrowing journey.

It has been a real gift to learn from Pastor Marcio about these complex realities. Because Lighthouse can’t address all the needs, their goal has been to help the families who are committed members of their church, and yet even then the need is so great they are unable to help everyone. As he says in the video, they have committed to help one family per month take steps toward stability. 
So, what are we raising money for? 
We are raising money to reinforce Lighthouse’s benevolence fund. We have great confidence in their wisdom and see it as a privilege to partner with them in this way. You can watch the video above to hear Marcio and Stephanie paint a picture of the need and how they are addressing it.

Alongside raising financial support, there is also a great need for practical help - anything from giving someone a ride, to helping folks fill out applications, to hauling furniture that a family can use. If you are interested in serving in this way, please reach out to Dcn. Kaitlyn. We are still figuring out how a team like this would communicate and function, but if you’re interested, we would love your help!


Donate by April 7

option One: GIve online

option Two: give at church

Put a cash gift in an envelope, writing "Lenten Gift" on the outside. (Please include your name if you'd like to receive a tax receipt.)

Make out a check to Christ Church Madison, with "Lenten Gift" in the memo line.

Drop it in the offertory basket during the service.

option Three: mail a check

Make out a check to Christ Church Madison, with "Lenten Gift" in the memo line.

Mail it to our office at:
5944 Seminole Centre Ct, Suite 110
Fitchburg, WI 53711