At Christ Church Madison we believe that all are invited into a never ending process of transformation and healing in Jesus. He calls us to be disciples—to follow Him, and, in the process, to become more like Him. One of the main ways our community walks this path is by engaging in yearly, weekly, and daily rhythms of connecting to Jesus and his Church.

To hear Scott preach on the Biblical foundation of these rhythms, listen to the sermon below:

Yearly Rhythms



Christ Church Madison follows the historic Christian Calendar, which is something that Christians across denominations have done for thousands of years. The Church Calendar begins in Advent and carries us through the life of Christ, from his birth, to his passion, to his resurrection and ascension, and finally to the feast of Pentecost and All Saints, where we remember the giving of the Holy Spirit and the life of the Church.

We believe that this is one of the most profound discipleship tools we have, because it takes our calendar and molds it into the image of Christ. And in turn, as we move and live life by it, we are formed into His image.

To learn more about the Church Calendar, check out this helpful resource from a sister church in our denomination.

Weekly Rhythms



Like the Church throughout history, our week is anchored by our worship service on Sunday morning. This is when we draw close to Jesus through word, sacrament, worship, and prayer. It is the moment each week when we are bound to Christ and to one another. For information on Sunday services, check out our Events page.



This is what we call our small group ministry, because (as you may have guessed), they are groups of 10-15 folks that gather each week to eat delicious soup & bread. But we also study the Gospel of Matthew and pray for one another within the context of Evening Prayer (see a copy the Soup & Bread liturgy here). Groups are led by different people in our church, and meet in homes on different nights of the week. This is a great opportunity to connect with Jesus and others during the week.



Every 4th week, our Soup & Bread groups take a break and the whole church comes together for a more musical and contemplative evening of prayer and worship. The dates for this term are:

Thursday, October 17 & November 14. (Click the dates for details.)

Daily rhythms



Though we all live very different lives, we encourage everyone to engage in daily rhythms of connecting with Jesus. One of the ways the historic Church has helped Christians do this is by providing them common prayers to pray (known as the Daily Office), and a Church wide Bible-reading plan (known as the Lectionary). Click the button below to see our Daily Devotional guide, which includes the Lectionary Bible reading plan for each day.

As Christians following Jesus in the Anglican tradition, our liturgical life is drawn from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which frames our common worship as a community around the Bible and the ancient prayers of the Church. To learn more about the BCP and the Daily Office, listen to this podcast from folks in our church network. To buy one or download a free PDF, head here.